Perfect Pitch

S02E03 Marcus Rudolf Axt: Chief Executive - Bamberg Symphony



In this episode I speak to Marcus Rudolf Axt: Chief Executive of the Bamberg Symphony (@bambergsymphony) Marcus talks about his career, from studying in Bayreuth (@unibt), to managing and overseeing a student opera production and a year in Bologna.Then working at Schleswig-Holstein Festival and learning from and being mentored by Franz Willnauer. Listen out for some great advice: Ober sticht unter (I looked for a translation to this (originates from card games), something like Upper beats under?) Later he moved to Beethovenfest Bonn ( and worked for Ilona Schmiel there too. After that he worked for the Berlin Phil and Sir Simon Rattle and is now firmly set as Intendant of the Bamberg Symphony. Some valuable insights into the German market and how to rise through the ranks in the festival and orchestral market. Enjoy! The theme music in this podcast is: Thomas Hewitt Jones @thewittjones 'Momentum' for string