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When Black people kill other Black people w/ Silky Slim



Download Podcast Tonight we will be talking to Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed about his work to stop violence and senseless killings in our communities. Although many people are visiting family and friends this week, for many there will be an empty place at the table because of senseless violence. Silky Slim is a former gang member who once was about that "thug life" but after several near death experiences, he made a decision to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. You can check his space on the web at After we talk to Silky Slim, we want to weigh in on rappers speaking out or not speaking out on the issues rooted in racism white supremacy. There were many Black people who took issue with Jay Z not using his position, platform and power to speak out on racial profiling in a meaningful manner after he was pretty much forced to weigh in on Shop & Frisk, then there are those that gave him a pass as a victim of racism and as such should not be expected to say or do an