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#10 Creative Entrepreneur Lorina Brugger



Lorina studied health promotion and was always interested in living healthy + she really enjoyed running. When she was still a teenager, she noticed that after running 4 to 5 km, her knees started hurting so she went to the doctor. He prescribed special running shoes and a ton of accessories. But the pain didn’t go away and she didn’t like running with all those added things. So one day, at the age of 19, she asked Dr. Google and discovered Natural running. She has been pain free ever since. She studied at the Barefoot Academy in Düsseldorf and became a barefoot coach. She loves helping people with their problems and loves to explain that old knowledge. Today she mostly walks barefoot or wears barefoot shoes so that her feet can work as they should. Now she offers one-on-one coaching for natural running or Toega. She also works a lot with kids and gives different kind of workshops. More here: https://www.kerngesund-loerrach.de