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I sit down with 2 really good friends of mine - Kemal and Mims. I’ve been saying to Kemal that I’ve wanted to do a podcast with him for the best part of a year. In that time I’ve met Mims and knowing how much banter there would be between the 3 of us, asked her to be on the episode too (plus her flat provided the perfect recording space for us - thanks Mims). When I first started getting to know Kemal I knew I wanted to share the journey he went on. In this episode (after about 5 minutes of us trying to do ASMR) Kemal shares his story. He talks about what it was like going to one of the most prestigious stage schools in the country and working as a child actor. He takes us through the highs and the lows, the battle with who he was and coming out as well as sharing some HILARIOUS stories along the way. Ladies and Gentlemen, Kemal and Mims (Mims and Kemal). Kemal’s Instagram: @kemtuckey Kemal’s Wedding Planner Instagram: @champagne_chandeliers