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He Did WHAT? Building a House on a Haunted Street in a Haunted Canyon. My Guest David Oman Shares What it's Like Living With the Dead Every Day



What's it like to live in one of the most paranormally active locations on the West Coast? We are excited to have our good friend and director of the movie that is based on true events; House at the End of the Drive, David Oman. The house on Cielo Dr. was built near the site of the horrific 1969 murders of Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, (heiress to the Folger Coffee empire), Wojtek Frykowski, and Steve Parent.These murders shocked the nation and many say that their spirits have visited the house on Cielo Dr. David's house has been featured on nearly every paranormal TV show since 2009. It made headlines in the paranormal community when psychic Chris Fleming showcased his use of a K2 meter to communicate with spirits in Dave's house on an episode of Ghost Hunters.Since then, David's home has been on Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story,Ghost Hunters, and several more.This is because his home is INSANELY active! Objects flying, EVPs, photo anomalies, you name it! Some in the paranormal field have vi