Into The Light Paranormal

Magician Misty Lee joins me to discuss the History of the Spiritualism Movement



Why are we so fascinated with the departed souls of our loved ones? Do we feel such guilt and sorrow that we cannot know peace until we've heard from "The Other Side"? How did the Spiritualist Movement start? The Spiritualist Movement began soon after the Civil War. Millions of families had tragically lost a family member and were lterally torn apart. They needed answers. Folks started popping up claiming to have the ability to speak to those on the other side. Were they the real deal? While some mediums were genuine and indeed have a connection with departed souls, many others were con artists who only made a connection with the wallets of grieving familes. Why did so many people believe? What lengths did some spiritualists go to to make audiences believe? Our guest today is renowned magician Misty Lee. Misty Lee is a magician at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Ca. Misty Lee gives dramatic seances and gives her audiences insight into the history of Spiritualism.