Motel Hell

BDMFT #20: Nile, 7 H.Target, Kiran Arora and Deadly Premonitions



The Beard and The Dick are back! Dick Fetti gets personal with his long-winded recommendation of Nile's "In Their Darkened Shrines"; recommends the debut from Russian Slam psycho's 7 H.Target; and wraps up with Kiran Arora's harsh noise excellence. Then the Beard gets into his first impression's of the SWERY directed horror/surrealist game "Deadly Premonitions", recently re-released for Nintendo Switch. Disco Box Recommendations: Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines CD/2xLP - Relapse Records 2002 7 H.Target - Fast-Slow Demolition CD - Coyote Records 2012 Kiran Arora - Fromication CDr - Prose Nagge 2019