Near East Policycast

Trailer: Decision Points: The U.S.-Israel Relationship



"Decision Points" is a new Washington Institute podcast that provides fresh insights into critical moments in the U.S.-Israel relationship from prominent historians and policymakers. The series is hosted by Ziegler Distinguished Fellow David Makovsky, a renowned expert on U.S.-Israel relations, including territorial solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Each episode highlights an important event in the 70-year history between Israel and the U.S., from President Truman's recognition of the State of Israel, to the internal U.S. government deliberations over Israel's wars, to Washington's involvement in the Israel-Palestinian peace process. David Makovsky will be joined by a distinguished figure who has been intimately involved in Middle East affairs as a policymaker, journalist, or political leader. Guests include Michael Oren, the former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.; Natan Sharansky, a human rights activist and former Israeli government minister; and William Quandt, one of the U.S. negotiators of