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Dating Down



Mentioned on this episode...It's Not Your Imagination, Single Women: There Literally Aren't Enough Men Out ThereDoes a Woman’s High-Status Career Hurt Her Marriage? Not If Her Husband Does the LaundryHow Many Women Earn More Than Their Husbands?What Happens When Wives Earn More Than HusbandsWOMEN ARE HAPPIER WHEN THEIR PARTNER IS LESS ATTRACTIVE THAN THEY ARE, SAYS NEW STUDYOpposites Don’t Attract: Assortative Mating and Social MobilityHow When Harry Met Sally Explains InequalityA new study says that educated people marrying each other has increased inequality by 25 percent.Your choice of a life partner is no accidentThe Development of Self-EsteemThe disturbing differences in what men want in their wives and their daughtersPS- Kim Love is @KimmayTube on Twitter