Heart Of The Nation

First Dates: No One Falls in Love Over Brunch



Having realised that they feel a bit anaemic from spending half a season with their hearts bleeding all over this podcast, Molly and Violet infuse this episode full of everything sunshine, hopes, dreams and first dates. Molly and Violet revisit the old adage 'no one falls in love over brunch', Molly gets super awkward about getting 'fiscal', and Violet casually establishes her preference for casually keeping things casual by dressing casually at casual establishments. In a first for this podcast, Molly let Violet loose on sound production and you'll find yourself in a jazzy gameshow theme-park. Nonsensical primal instincts indicate dates should be 6 foot and up to get on this ride - away we go! With love and hugs to the winner of their 'best first date mood song review', Confidence by Ocean Alley.