Radical Harvest Podcast

Golden Hour, Pastured Hens & Forestry



In this episode we chat about pastured hens, new interns, workshop scholarships and discuss recent forestry projects on Taranaki Farm.Episode notesWelcome to the second episode of the Radical Harvest podcast. For more information about Radical Harvest, go to www.radicalharvest.com.au. To send a question or feedback email podcast@radicalharvest.com.auA transcript of this podcast is available at www.radicalharvest.com.au/podcastIntro and outro music: “Hope Song for the Rust Belt” by Fields Ohio: https://soundcloud.com/fields-of-ohioFor more information about Taranaki Farm visit www.taranakifarm.com.au or search “Taranaki Farm” on Facebook and Instagram.