Let's Go Tribe: For Cleveland Indians Fans

Episode 64: Flip those bats



I have some exciting news I want to share with you all. A new love has entered my life and her name is the World Baseball Classic. The Cleveland Indians may be technically playing in spring training right now, but all Matt Schlichting, Merritt Rohlfing and I want to talk about is the wonderfulness that is the WBC and all its bat-flipping and crazy stadium atmospheres. So we do just that. We also discuss the early parallels between Francisco Lindor and Roberto Alomar, and we really really hope Lindor does another bat flip during the regular season. Matt also teaches us how the Indians could make money with a catfish farm and I suggest the Indians trade for Robinson Cano. Look, things got weird okay? Questions this week include @grantgw who wants to know our concern level with Kipnis’ shoulder, @SSS_joshnelson who wants to know if Clint Frazier would still have his hair if he never left Cleveland, @ntkingsley who wants us to envision a Salazar contract extension, and Matt McFee who dreams of a Trevor Bauer