Let's Go Tribe: For Cleveland Indians Fans

Episode 30 | May 6, 2016: The Lindor bet



What an emotional rollercoaster this past week was. First, then Cleveland Indians were swept by the Philadelphia Phillies, then they come back in the last series and look brilliant against the Detroit Tigers again. That gave Jason and I plenty to talk about in this week's episode. We touch on Michael Brantley's return to dominance in the series against the Tigers, as well as Chisenhall's failure to do the same. On the same note, we also talk about how great Carlos Santana has been (again), whether he is leading off or not. When it comes to the All-Star game, Francisco Lindor will be the American League's starting shortstop. At least one of thinks that *cough* not Jason *cough*. And, finally, Royals Review managing editor Max Rieper joins us to preview the upcoming series against the Royals. With him we discuss expectations for the Royals and when Salvador Perez's knees will turn to shreds with all his playing time. This week's episode clocks in at 55 minutes. Thanks for listening! Learn more about your a