Let's Go Tribe: For Cleveland Indians Fans

Episode 25 | March 25, 2015: Painted into a corner



We are back! After a week-long hiatus due to me being sick, Let's Talk Tribe returns with an episode full of Cleveland Indians talk.Opening Day is rapidly approaching, and that means it's time for the Indians to prepare by adding another outfielder and crowning a fifth starter once and for all. It also means it's the perfect time for Jason and I to make predictions for the upcoming season that will almost surely be wrong.  We missed out on last week's FanPost question, so we made up for it this week by letting Jason tell his legendary Frank Thomas story. I also tell my own traumatic tale of losing a Pittsburgh Pirates hat that was blessed by a parade clown.  Also, of course, we discuss why the Chicago White Sox is just so fantastic to watch from a distance and why maybe have a 14-year-old as your clubhouse leader is not a great idea. Maybe.  Apologies for the frequent Skype screw-ups and my own crackly voice as I recover from an annoying cold. This week's episode clocks in at 65 minutes. Thanks for listeni