Life Of Jesus Ministries Brussels' Podcast

Episode 7: THE WORD 23.02.2014 BY APOSTLE JOSE DOS REGOS visiting from FUENZA, ITALY.



THE WORD BY APOSTLE JOSE DOS REGOS visiting from FUENZA, ITALY. happy new year brethren, God is good like sweets it pleases him for us to speak before you I thank you for the prayers you make for me. The happenings in Ukraine and the way things are changing shows the power of the almighty. I feel the itching within me for what we are going to share today, today we speak about sharing Its a message am starting with for this year I shared it in Paris too and later on I have started to see testimonies as we keep sharing this message and here is a special grace that is to be shared therein it's a message for the eagles. As you you in a gathering there is severe one en we can't differentiate who is who. Are you an eagle today? We are talking about multiplication is morning and the first person who mentioned that word was God. It's comes from the mouth of God it's the art of increase in numbers. The bible is a testament and the one that wrote it must die for the word to be a testament; today we have the new and