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3 friends TALK 005 - Hello Dr. Sylvia!



On the next episode of 3friendsTALK , listen and get to know the Dallas Diva, Dr. Sylvia. Dr. Sylvia Perry is a Doctor of Pharmacy, speaker, author, and owner/lead strategist of PharmD Consultants of Texas. She is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book, “20 Pharmacy Facts and Hacks You Should Know,” skillfully making medical terminology and practices easier to understand to bridge the gap between patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.  Dr. Sylvia finds time to manage it all and still travel the world!!! Check out her website at Dr. Sylvia Perry.com. Connect with her on all social media @drsylviaperry. www.instagram.com/drsylviaperry www.facebook.com/drsylviaperry www.twitter.com/drsylviaperry