Mijk Van Dijk Dj Sets

The Recap of Krautrock at LSBmaze by Mijk van Dijk



And now for something completely different: Attention: this DJ-Mix contains no Techno or House music. Just Krautrock from 1970 to 2019, from Germany, England, Japan…. But why? This music had a huge influence on my musical upbringing. Before German New Wave (NDW) there was German music that was totally unique. I tried to play Michael Rother’s shining guitar melodies on my acoustic guitar, clapped on my knees to the stoic beats of Jaki Liebezeit and wished I had a synthesizer. On June 13th 2019 I took the opportunity to play only Krautrock during a Liquid Sky Berlin event that I hosted with my friend 10cars at Maze Club in Kreuzberg. I played all those upbeat German Krautrock tracks from the 70s and added some new Kraut by bands like Camera, Minami Deutsch / 南ドイツ, Verstärker, Stereolab and so on. I guess many of you might discover something new! Hope you enjoy the experience!