Dilusions: The Diluted Podcast That Nobody Ever Asked For

DILUSIONS Ep. 14: The Serpent's Crank



Invictra are young dudes who know how to fuckin' thrash. Listen in to them talk about their gig experiences, influences, and frightening goose stories. Featured song: "The Serpent's Bite"- Invictra Follow Invictra on: Facebook- https://tinyurl.com/vulmx8u Twitter- https://tinyurl.com/vbmlsef Instagram- https://tinyurl.com/vh5ucpm Follow D I L U T E D on: Facebook- tinyurl.com/yba8luyg Instagram- tinyurl.com/yaceddv4 Twitter- tinyurl.com/ybarm7vl Official Website- www.dilutedband.com/