Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel Women's Ministry - Guest Speakers

In, Not Of The World - 1 John 2v15 with Charity Matheson



1 John 2v15 Ladies study. Charity Matheson speaks from 1 John 2 and from Genesis 19. As women, many things are thrown our way from the fallen world we live in to try to take our eyes off Christ and our eternity. Ads and media are good at throwing all the things it has to offer at us in order to create a hole in our heart to make us feel inadequate, not pretty enough, not good enough. That is why it is so important NOT to have our focus and our hearts set on this fallen world. The book of 1 John tells us to not LOVE this world, so what does it mean to love the world, and how does that apply to us today? We also venture into the story of Lot and his family, to take a look at the result of getting too comfortable in this fallen world. The Bible says if you desire to save your life (in this world) you will lose it.