Peptalk With Pepper Money

Interview with James Potter, the LinkedIn Man



Welcome to the podcast that helps brokers learn, develop and grow their business. In episode six, Gavin talks to James Potter, The LinkedIn Man, about finding clients on LinkedIn, avoiding harassment from recruiters, using video on LinkedIn and much more. Topics covered include: 00.45 Introduction to James01.30 The number one tip for using LinkedIn effectively02.50 What makes a great LinkedIn profile?03.50 Having the confidence to be open on LinkedIn.05.30 Is it a benefit to have more connections?08.30 How can brokers find potential clients on LinkedIn?10.45 Is there a Facebook culture invading LinkedIn?15.30 How to follow thought leaders on LinkedIn.19.30 How to deal with recruiters on LinkedIn.21.20 What’s the future of LinkedIn?24.40 Using video on LinkedIn.26.55 What does James wish he’d known when he started out.  You can connect with James at find his website at Pepper Money UK: https://www.peppergro