Peptalk With Pepper Money

Interview with Sarah Tucker of The Mortgage Mum



Welcome to the podcast that helps brokers learn, develop and grow their business.In episode five, James and Gavin talk to Sarah Tucker of The Mortgage Mum about branding, social media, her experience on The Voice, and much more.Topics covered include:00.45 Introduction to Sarah01.40 Sarah’s tips on branding for brokers02.50 On reaching a million views on YouTube03.15 How Sarah’s social media has helped her business05.50 Misconceptions about the specialist lending market08.00 Persevering with putting effort into video marketing10.40 Achieving work-life balance as a woman in the financial services industry12.45 Sarah’s experience on The Voice14.45 Looking towards the future16.10 Talking to audiences of school children19.00 Resilience and optimism21.40 What Sarah wishes she knew when starting outYou can follow Sarah at find her website at Money UK: Pepper Money on Twitter: