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Interview with Lea Engst for International Women's Day



Welcome to the podcast that helps brokers learn, develop and grow their business.In episode four, Gavin talks to Lea Engst, Pepper Money’s Quantitative Analytics and Structuring Manager, about International Women’s Day, what it’s like to be a woman in the financial services industry, and much more.Topics covered include:00.45 Statistics for International Women’s Day02.55 Lea’s background07.00 Lea’s experiences as a woman in financial services09.00 Standing up for what you believe10.30 Advice for women coming into the industry11.20 How to encourage younger generations of women into finance13.25 Men and women’s differing approaches to appraisals14.50 What Lea wishes she’d know when starting out.More information about International Women’s Day: Money UK: Pepper Money on Twitter: accessing this Podcast, I acknowledge that the Pepper Money makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as t