Peptalk With Pepper Money

Interview with Alex Hammond of Also Communications



Welcome to the podcast that helps brokers learn, develop and grow their business.In episode three, James and Gavin talk to Alex Hammond of Also Communications about the resilience of the mortgage industry, the media’s coverage of Brexit, and much more.Topics covered include:00.30 Pepper’s latest milestone03.00 Introduction to Alex04.00 Choosing self-employment04.30 Highlights of working for yourself06.20 The potential impact of Brexit09.00 The resilience of the mortgage industry10.30 How Brexit has been covered in the media13.00 The key trends and influences in 201916.00 The impact of technology on the market17.20 Reasons for customers preferring the human touch20.40 How Alex’s role is impacted by technology22.45 Advice for brokers on marketing25.25 What does Alex wish he knew when starting out?Also Communications: http://www.alsocomms.comPepper Money UK: Pepper Money on Twitter: accessing this Podcast, I acknowledge that the Peppe