Peptalk With Pepper Money

Interview with Colin Snowdon



Welcome to the podcast that helps brokers learn, develop and grow their business.In episode two, James and Gavin talk to Colin Snowdon, Pepper Money’s former Managing Director, about the biggest challenges for brokers in 2019, the potential implications of Brexit, and much more.Topics covered include:00.50 A bit more about Gavin’s background02.40 Introduction to Colin Snowdon05.00 How Colin got started10.00 Changes to the mortgage application process over the years12.00 The rise of the specialist lending market15.00 The potential impact of Brexit19.00 Misconceptions about specialist lenders20.00 The biggest challenges for brokers in 201923.20 The impact of changes in the buy-to-let sector26.00 What does 2019 hold for Colin?27.00 What does Colin wish he knew when he was starting out?Pepper Money UK: Pepper Money on Twitter: accessing this Podcast, I acknowledge that the Pepper Money makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as