Hangout With Heather

Whiskey Live, The Park On 7 & Arnold Classic



Niche Radio — Happy Friday to our #HangoutWithHeather listeners, make sure you tune in for some of the best events on the go this weekend in the city of Jozi! If you love a little whisky, then make sure that you check out @WhiskyLiveSA - now on in Pretoria. Heather enjoyed the cocktails there, no surprise! #PTAWhiskyLive If you are wanting to attend the #Prisms2017 this weekend - make sure you have your tickets, and as Heather went to scope out the stunning venue @TheParkon7 - she bumped into the owner, Leah McCrae and had an exclusive interview with her to find out a bit more about the venue, and what the future holds for them. Heather is looking forward to watching the talented kids from Bryanston High this evening in their annual school production of "In The Heights" Tickets are still available - make sure you get the details. The much anticipated 2nd edition of The @ArnoldClassicAF is headed your way this weekend - Heather shares some details, and also worries about getting squashed with all tha