Hangout With Heather

Faircity Junction, MyMzanziPasta & The Play That Goes Wrong



Niche Radio — Happy Tuesday - and yet another great show is heading your way on #HangoutWithHeather with loads on the go in and around Joburg and Pretoria! Heather spent the weekend at the #FaircityJunction apartment complex that has just opened up in Menlo Park in Pretoria - the 6th installment from the successful @FaircityHotels group. The apartments are functional and homey and Heather describes her stay expertly. Once again @TsogoSun has challenged their chef's - this time to get creative with chocolate, just in time for Easter - and the recipes and creations are just astounding. Heather managed to get herself in to The Sunday Times this weekend, with her winning #MyMzansiPasta recipe, made with @whatsfordinner Knorr staples - get your hands on the recipe for a yummy, truly South African pasta creation. The Color Purple has just announced it's two leading female roles - and Heather shares a bit about this, as well as looking forward to seeing what is set to be an amazing show heading to @JoburgT