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STATE OF URGENCY: NAN Youth Move w-Fugi and Marypat Hector



National Youth Activist Marypat Hector and FUGI talk about Marypat's new book THINKING OUT LOUD and interview poet activist ICHI RIGHT about social engineering and how music is ued to brainwash and for mind control.  Also, join in the Youth Move Positive Music Review! CHIME IN - CALL IN (646) 716-7994 as Marypat and FUGI continue to bring you the latest in topics relevant to ending youth violence and creating a peaceful world for youth.  VILLAGE, we are in a state of urgency. It is imperative we take action and make changes within ourselves, our families, and our communities. Join the National Action Network YOUTH MOVE as they engage you in helping create and perpetuate solutions to real issues impacting our youth and communities. From their house to the White House, your hosts, Marypat Hector and Youth Move members are on the forefront of youth empowered civic action.