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THE LIGHTER SIDE OF THROUGH Indie Music and Spoken Word Mix



The Lighter Side of Through Indie Music and Spoken Word Mix takes you on a purposed, inspired, grateful, men getting somethin somethin off their chest, women putting negative behavior in check, and love groove journey! New and new to you pop, rock, hip hop, and soul music and spoken word. In your listening, on the Light Side of Through, envision engaging the spoken word and music beyond the mix... PLAYLIST:YOU FOUND ME (De'Borah), RUNNING (Intelligenz), KEEP DRIVIN (Keziah feat. Hezekiah), PEOPLE GO (Johnny Popcorn), ALWAYS THERE (Taalam Acey), TO A PLACE (Jonathan Emile), SEVEN NATION ARMY (Melanie Martinez), START SOMETHING (Shanelle Gabriel), DREAM ON (Amanda Brown), GET GONE (Baron Hillman), WHAT YOU WON'T DO (Bernard Collins), WHY U RAGGIN? (Dessy DiLauro), PEACE BE STILL (Brothas Keepa), PRESSURE (Ishe feat. Range Da Messenga), NEXT EPISODE (Johnny Popcorn), SO YOU CALLED ME A BITCH (Dr. Kimmika Williams), INSIDE THESE WALLS (Plunky), ODD EVENINGS (Taalam Acey), WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN (Kevin Hunte), P