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THE DIGITAL DRUMMER: Jim Neusom Urban Tech Talk on the Radio



Beating the drum today is the one andonly BONNIE BRACEY SUTTON, Founder/Executive Director, The Power of US Foundation and the Education Czar for the Urban Tech Fair! Engage discussions on the importance of STEM education, opportunities, advocacy, how to engage, Blacks in STEM and much more. As the official radio broadcast of the Urban Tech Fair, from blog to radio, Jim Neusom brings to conversation some of the awesome, interesting, historical, and down right technical digital information he is and has been sharing online...the heroes and sheroes of our communities and the Urban Tech Fair who use technology in creating the best of us...From Blacks and people of color in Technology to lastest tech trends to latest strategies for implementation to empower our communities.  Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime subscribe to The Urban Tech Fair at and LIKE us at