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STATE OF URGENCY: NAN Youth Move w-Fugi and Marypat Hector



Today, Marypat Hector & FUGI interview 10 yr old Dyia Carlos who says, ""Although I am young, I know life is about experience and chances that lead to opportunities. When I grow up, I would like to be a Supreme Court Judge." .... Also, Marypat and Youth Move will do their positive music review of RUNNING Intelligenz, Yes We Can, and Triumph by Jonathan Emile.  CHIME IN - CALL IN NOW (646) 716-7994  VILLAGE, we are in a state of urgency. It is imperative we take action and make changes within ourselves, our families, and our communities. Join the National Action Network YOUTH MOVE as they engage you in helping create and perpetuate solutions to real issues impacting our youth and communities. From their house to the White House, your hosts, Marypat Hector and Youth Move members are on the forefront of youth empowered civic action.  Marypat is the National President of the National Action Network Youth Move, a featured GlobalGrind columnist, and a youth and community activist. YOUTH MOVE is the youth div