Lodroe Nyima Rinpoche

Teachings on Vinaya - A Guide to Buddhist Conduct (Tibetan/Putonghua)



The vinaya allows benefiting from the best possible conditions to train in reducing attachments. This is what gives the bhikkhu the means to follow the Middle Path and remain on it. It forces the bhikkhu to remain aware of each of his actions at all times, because it is only through it that it is possible to avoid any lapses. It prevents him from squandering time and energy in futile things by focusing on what is wholesome and beneficial. The vinaya allows the bhikkhus to be irreproachable in any situation, and to offer the laity who supports them an example of purity, balance and wisdom. Besides, the only visible criterion defining the quality of a bhikkhu is his capacity to observe the vinaya. Recorded in Tibetan and Putonghua.