EPISODE 0//TRAILER - Art is love



"Hello everyone! This is Diana from TEDDY PODCAST. Welcome! This Podcast is about art. But what is art for me? It's not only a painting or a visit of a museum, but also writing and reading books, fashion, movies, and beauty. This Podcast is for everyone who loves art. Art of People, Art of Nature and Art of World. Every month we will have a guest here, who will talk with us! So join in, I want to encourage you to sit down, take a cup of tea or coffee and listen to my monthly episodes. Here is a little surprise: I will record podcasts not only in English, but also in German and Russian: So join in! My links on instagram and Co you can find down below: If you follow my insta I will do different Q&As! So you can be active in our discussions and plus you will be able to decide which topic we are talking about and who we will invite to interview! My name is like I said Diana and I am a hobby reader, hobby book writer, hobby photographer, hobby traveller, hobby actress and of course a student! I start this podc