Heroes Never Die: An Overwatch Podcast

197 - Double L's In Dallas



On Episode 197 Totemlydrunk and Edanar discuss the latest balance changes to hit live servers including some console specific changes. OWL opening weekend wraps up bringing a dip in viewership, rookies popping off, and home teams finding varying results. As always we would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to shoot us a message via email, discord, or twitter. Thanks again for tuning in! Join us on Discord: https://discord.me/owlnshow    AGENDA Retail Patch Notes - February 12th OWL viewership sees dip in YouTube debut Lullsish having visa issues OWL introduces the Stats Lab OWL opening weekend takeaways The “meta” delivers the goods Fuel can’t coach their way to a win; drop both home games Striker plays all maps; Viol2t benched in favor of Architect Valiant show their potential early; KSP pops off Gladiators rebuild puts the Titans to the test London and Boston show their growing pains One does NOT challenge the Octopus King Aggro lucios are back in full swing Philadelphia Homestand Preview   Closin