Heroes Never Die: An Overwatch Podcast

195 - Pacific West Preview



On Episode 195 Totemlydrunk and Edanar discuss the sub patch of 1.44 that introduces more drastic balance changes, Kaplan talks hero pools in the new developer update, and we finish our OWL 2020 preview by spotlighting the Pacific West division. As always we would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to shoot us a message via email, discord, or twitter. Thanks again for tuning in! Join us on Discord: https://discord.me/owlnshow    AGENDA Patch Notes - January 28th Dev update: Hero pools, experimental card, and more OWL heads to YouTube New OWL gear hits stores; won't ship til March Paris Eternal set up in New Jersey Stats lab coming to OWL site China homestands impacted by Coronavirus OWL 2020 Pacific West division preview   Closing Notes Reviews Show some support for the show by giving us a review over on iTunes or your podcasting app of choice. Any feedback or constructive criticism is always welcomed. It’ll offer us insight and how we can make for a better listening experience for you.    OVERWATCH