I just released a beta version of the learn German Android App. Take a look at it, give me feedback and I will try to get it final in the christmas holidays at the latest.You can find a list of my Android Apps here: app provides a German teaching course. It is based on the popular GermanPodcast I maintained for some years (and have discontinued for the moment).The lessons contain an audio file, some vocabulary and a review session. They build on each other, so you might want to start in the beginning. The new vocabulary can be imported into VociTeach, the vocabulary learn program included in the app.The app is currently in BETA status, check for updates in November/Dezember 2011The LessonsYou can obtain a list of all available lessons from the lessons menu. Just press "more lessons" and the app connects to my server and looks for new lessons. These are not downloaded automatically! Just open any lesson you want to lea