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062 - Learn to Speak German - Hotel Reservationen



Making a reservation in a hotel in a foreign country can often be a little difficult, especially when making the reservation by telephone. This lesson will give you the necessary tools to achieve this daunting task. We already had this topic in lessons 024 and 025, so you might want to take a look at the archive as well.The PDF (we have 8 pages today!) with the transcript, exercises, fotos, additional information, etc. Can be bought for only 49 Cents. It is in the same format as the PDF files from the last few sessions.The picture shows the Graustock (8730 feet), which is a great mountain for a "Schneeschuhwanderung". Lucerne, 04.02.2008Stephan Wiesnerstephan@german-podcast.deUse this free podcast to learn to speak German. http://german-podcast.blogspot.com