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061 - Learn to Speak German - Beginner: Welcome to Switzerland



Todays lesson is a beginners lesson, as the last poll indicated that about 70% of you are studying German for less than 3 years.There is no PDF for todays lesson, but you can find a transcript of the text I read (and much more) at www.LuLu.com, you can also order it from Amazon, it might take a day or two longer to deliver, though.If you like it, please buy the book or pay for the download of the Ebook-version and write a nice comment at LuLu or at Amazon.com and if enough of you buy it, I will continue the series and start on writing book number two .-)Remember that there is a blog-page where I try to post something German every day:http://learn-german-blog.blogspot.com/Finally todays picture shows one of the many shop windows we see around the city at the moment, claiming that everything is very cheap at the moment (Ausverkauf).Lucerne, 25.01.2008Stephan Wiesnerstephan@german-podcast.deUse this free podcast to learn to speak German. http://german-podcast.blogspot.com