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The One Key to Increasing Intimacy with God - Feat. Jakera Cooper



This conversation is powerful, if you want to increase in your sensitivity to hearing what God has to say! This is it! Jakera is a passionate coach who brings excellence to all of her work. She is the founder of Worthy of Well Done which is a community where millennial Christians can learn about God, grow in their faith and are equipped and challenged to live intentionally. She is a cheerleader to all of her community as she guides and cheers them on to live the life that God has called them to. Jakera gets to the heart of people's and challenges them to identify what they want emotionally, personally, spiritually and professionally. She is motivated by seeing them break down the barriers that block their success in this life, and provides tools to prepare them for the life yet to come. Instagram: @joshuasingh   Web:   Email  If you’d like to be one of our guests or request a topic  We would love for you to leave a review