Elie's Coffee Talks

#22 Petra Buric



Petra is a certified PGI Consultant and Coach, she comes from Slovenia and has been living in Switzerland for many years now. With her work, she helps people find out what they really want, wish, what their visions are and even if they know already, by asking the right kind of questions and tapping into the emotional, she will guide them towards what they are really meant to do on this earth! She never dissociates professional and private life because they are connected and 1 unity as we are holistic beings. A big part of her work is to help people shifting their money paradigms and create new ones so that they can feel abundant and live the life they desire. So that’s the main topic on this podcast: MONEY and the relationship people have with money as well as little tricks and simple tools you can start using right away! More about her work here: https://empoweredlife360.com/home