Become A Career Coach: The Audio Guide

Top 3 Mistakes New Career Coaches Make When Starting a Business



On Wednesday, April 3, we did a special training called “Creating a Profitable and Flexible Coaching Practice: The Top 3 Mistakes New Coaches Make and How to Avoid Them”. We have share the audio of that training here! Here’s just a taste of what you’ll hear: One technique we use in our business to generate happy clients, 99.8% of the time! (This makes sure we help people get the results they want) How to create flexibility in an actual coaching business (it can easily turn into just a job if you don’t do this!) The specific differences between coaches that make $27,000 and 100,000+ (they are not what you would think) The biggest reason why coaching practices fail and what to do about it. How to get started if you’re determined to make career coaching your path