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How to Package an Offer that Gets Clients



If I say the word offer, there is a massive difference in what the Craft Coach thinks vs what a successful profitable coach thinks of. Here’s what pops out when I ask the Broke Coach that question about “what’s your offer?” “Oh… I uh… I give them 6 Skype sessions with me for $697.” Then I guess I must stare at them in disbelief for a moment because it’s always followed by something like “but I was thinking about doing an 8 session package for $997 and raising my prices a bit” We tend to think about an offer as the “stuff” we are giving them OR the time we are spending with them. That’s one direction you could go. Which is better than going nowhere If you choose to, you can trudge down that painfully long winding road to profitless transactions that empty out your heart and cause you to question if you’re really cut out for “helping others”. And if you like that sort of painful despair, by all means. Keep on going down that road. Please! If you’re not the sort of person that likes running headlong into a wall