Become A Career Coach: The Audio Guide

OK...Where Do I Start?



Everybody has somewhere to start for you. It usually begins with buying their “thing” to help you get started.   Here’s what I would suggest. Start with the steps that I’ve outlined in this guide. What you don’t have to spend time doing Who do you actually want to work with (and can help the very most) How to package an offer that gets clients (because it isn’t what you think) Creating a Client Attraction Magnet (because….well isn’t it obvious The not-so-magic trick of getting people to come to you! How put it on auto pilot so that you can spend your time on coaching (and traveling!) Avoid what Broke Coaches do like the plague and you will find that your coaching business rises out of the out of thedismal abyss and your fellow coaching friends you make will be coming to you asking what you’re doing. Trust me, it doesn’t take much. Ever since we had our first $3000 month years ago, people have beating down my door and asking to pick my brain on what we’re doing. That’s how low the bar is. But you don’t have