Scott Lorsch

I Finally Saw Gary Vee!



Longer audio but please listen :) I finally got to see Gary Vee yesterday! He is a huge role model of mine and it was a very surreal moment for me. I’ve watched so many videos of him that it was hard to believe I was seeing him in real life. The other person I saw who I had no idea would make me care was Tony Robbins. Now I know that Tony Robbins is a legend, but I never knew why. He spoke for 5 hours doing different types of exercises to get us into a different mindset. I’m by no means a ra ra person but I decided to go all in with everything he was doing. He really hit on a lot of points I’ve been working on with my personal development. Some of it was, “What is fulfillment in my life? How do I truly have appreciation?”. It was a very powerful experience but also very confusing. Some people asked if I was fired up and I truly am not. I have still a lot of self-development to go through and it is scary and not easy. So, I would say I’m more aware of my life but still a lot to come. I want to know, have you