Scott Lorsch

I'm not perfect



Yesterday did not get a chance to make a video because I was out doing realtor things. I had an orientation in the morning and then saw some homes later in the day. Forgot to mention in the video my dad and I saw some homes together and are starting to figure out what homes we want to look for. The main part of the video today is about being imperfect and owning it. I watch a documentary of Shawn Mendes and he said the most amazing quote ever! "Not every performance can be perfect, and the reason people love it is because it's me not because I’m perfect." This rung so true to me of accepting your imperfections and loving the you that you are. People work with me and enjoy me because I am myself not because I’m perfect. The kid is 19 and figured out what I’ve been working on for over 26 years. I want to know what makes you imperfect and awesome?!