Lumi And Fonce

11- A Blast to the Past



I hate to be the one to tell you this, but this episode holds some heavy information, such as which states are real and which ones the government lied about (you only have about a 12% chance of living in a real one, sadly). To lighten the mood, though we talk about a lot of the really real and weird laws that are present within these fake states and go through the history behind some of them! Overall, it's a fairly good time, just make sure you don't go into hiding for 7 years because you will be found. Just- don't do any illegal things while listening to this episode, or ever, for that matter. Keep in mind that we are not experts in any of the topics we discuss! Follow our Twitter to stay updated on future episodes and use #lafpast to have us see your reactions and additions to the episode! @LumiFonce Send us an email with your suggestions or ideas about the show at