Lumi And Fonce

9- Pharaohmones and Happy Endings



No great pharaohs were harmed in the making of this episode, however, we can't promise the same for those who might be in the Underworld with Osiris and his head biting buddies. If you see any eagles in the sky with a red shoe in its talons, take our advice and follow that bird! Who knows, maybe the gods sent you a message to your one true love, or maybe it's leading you into a new life in which you have a very jealous brother who wants the throne more than you. We never can tell anymore.  Watch your back either way! Keep in mind we are not experts in any of the topics that we discuss.   Follow our Twitter to stay updated on future episodes and use #lafgods to have us see your reactions and additions to the episode! @LumiFonce Send us an email with your suggestions or ideas about the show at