Daniel Dread Episode 1: THE EXTERMINATORS



 Daniel is an exterminator of all supernatural monsters. With the help of his friends, Rufus, a private detective, and Sophie, a ghost. The story also revolves around a serial killer named Ellison, his Tiki Doll, and Moloch, a demon who is using Daniel as a host. Daniel Dread Episode 1: THE EXTERMINATORS WRITTEN BY MARK SLADE Lothar Tuppan as Daniel Tanja Milojevic as Sophie and Secretary Mat Weller as Rufus Pete Lutz as Ellison Drew Profit as Moloch and Alex Austin Beach as Tiki and Troll Merilee Robinson as Mrs. Jensen Kessi Reliniki as Woman. Atticus Jackson as Jeffcoat Music by Chauncey Haworth Created and developed by Mark Slade and Lothar Tuppan Directed and edited by Daniel French