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Scaling Data Science & Defending Machine Learning with CrowdStrike's Chief Scientist, Dr. Sven Krasser



In this episode we step far beyond the hype cycle and dive into the details of scaling a data science team in the security industry with Dr. Sven Krasser. Sven joined CrowdStrike in the early days and the initial part of the conversation with Dave is an incredibly timely conversation covering how to structure and work with remote teams effectively. The interview was recorded a week before the 2020 RSA Conference in San Francisco when the early impact of COVID19 in the U.S. was just starting to be felt.There are 2 dominant themes to our conversation. First, Sven covers the hard realities of machine learning (ML) and warns against both over dependence and hyperbole. There are many areas where a more simplistic approach is going to get the job done faster and cheaper without the need to maintain a costly ML model. Sven shares his approach to choosing the right tool for the job and a handy tip for determining where ML marketing has gone astray.The second theme is the attack surface of ML itself. Seemingly long go