Elie's Coffee Talks

#23 Sabrina Krämer



Sabrina comes originally from the Köln area in Germany. She moved to Bremen after her studies where she stayed for 8 years. And since last year, she lives in Freiburg-im- Breisgau. She studied Visual Communication (Graphic and Editorial Design, Typography, Photography, Filming, etc.) and started working as a Designer, and later started to do Illustration work too. Recently she also became a Yoga teacher! She used to work in a design agency and had the feeling she needed to express herself more, bring her ideas out of her brain, bring out her own things. That’s when she started a label and drawing on postcards in the evening. That was the beginning of her illustration career. Later on, her first clients asked her to do illustration work! Today she is fully self-employed, doing what she loves! More about her and her work here: https://www.sabrina-kraemer.de