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The One With Alexis Hana



Well, we've done it again people. Well, half of us have.  The half that IS the half of @one_and_a_haf_jews, @dominiquedruckman brings on guest and friend AND upcoming superstar extraordinaire @alexishanna onto the show and they shoot the shiree about life... and dating of course!  The two get into their uncensored first impressions of each other, their "highs and lows" of the week and @alexishanna's latest and "greatest" project... MTV's Ex On The Beach ...YEAH @dominiquedruckman has famous friends OKAY!?! [insert Napoleon Dynamite meme where he says "GOSH" here] Follow Lex on insta @alexishanaa and if you're in the LA area come on out to one of her upcoming shows at The Hotel Cafe and/or The Peppermint Cub! xoxo,  @dominiquedruckman & (in spririt) @carlyarin  p.s. THANK YOU @alexishanaa <3